Monday, 8 April 2013

Don't panic: Warnock is heading to Plymouth

The Sunday Mirror carried a story yesterday that departed Leeds manager Neil Warnock might be heading to either Charlton or Plymouth as director of football. The Plymouth part of the story does have some legs. Warnock has already been swanning around at Home Park which is conveniently situated for his smallholding in south-east Cornwall where he grows passionate broccoli. Don't be surprised if the gobby former Palace manager gets some fancy title with the Pilgrims before too long: Warnock

As for the Charlton part of the story, one can imagine a creative journalist thinking along the following lines: not that many people are in the Green Army, we need another angle. Where were Leeds playing yesterday? Oh yes, Charlton. Chris Powell's still on a learning curve. The Mysterons can't get rid of him that easily, but they could bring in somebody to help him.

Next week: the two Isles of Scilly teams compete to bring in Warnock.


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Wyn Grant said...

The point of the story is this: one or two people became alarmed at the idea of Warnock having a role at The Valley, as I would be. It seems to me that there was no basis, other than casual speculation for that part of the story. The idea of him having some kind of role at Plymouth is realistic, given that he wants to spend more time with his young family. So it seems useful for me to discredit part of the Sunday Mirror story. If people don't like the style of a particular site, there are plenty of good Charlton blogs to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Aslong as he stays away from SE7, that is fine unless he wishes to bring an inferior team. I can't stand the man and his 'straight talking yorkshireman' aka not ever shutting up as he desperately tries to live up to this tired stereotype. Maybe he could lead QPR's promotion push next season?

Wyn Grant said...

QPR. Ha! Ha! Ha!