Friday, 6 September 2013

Addicks do well on agents' fees

Intermediaries in any market are rarely popular, and this particularly applies to football agents. The Football League has now released its report on agents' fees in the 2012/13 season: Agents

Charlton come out relatively well, having spent just £227,170 on a total of 52 transactions. That works out at under £5,000 per transaction, although no doubt some cost nothing at all and others somewhat more than £5k. The limitation of this data is that it tells us nothing about dispersion around the mean. Millwall spent a rather similar amount of £233,400, but Crystal Palace splashed out £1.34m as they headed for the Premier League.

Blackburn who paid out nearly £3.6m at an average cost of almost £45k with probably a few free chickens thrown in, did not seem that bothered about how they spent their money, no doubt wisely guided by their global football adviser 'Chevvy' Singh. Across the league around 70% of transactions were done with no agent involvement and Blackpool were the only Championship club who made no payments to agents at all. Moreover, if they needed to put someone up overnight they could do it for £15.

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