Sunday, 29 September 2013

FLP: don't blame Sir Chris, blame the board

'No spark, no flair, not much hope for Charlton' is the headline in today's Football League Paper written by Chris Dunlavy. Referring to the Millwall game, he states, 'If they play like that every week, they are going down. Even if they play a lot better, they are still going down. Take Yann Kermorgant out of the side and Charlton have no spark, no flair, no player who can pick a lock or leave a defender on his backside.

'That is not Powell's fault. This summer, seven players were released and only two procured, both on frees. The majority of the squad have contracts that expire within a year. Charlton, it seems, have a board either unwilling or incapable of financing Championship football.'

After referring to the reliance on youth development, Dunlavy comments, 'Charlton need quality, not potential. Without a striker and a playmaker, it is hard to see where goals are coming from. If Powell is allowed to get one or both in January, the Addicks should be OK. If not, a return to League One is inevitable.'

Yesterday we lacked three of our best players: Kermorgant, Solly and Jackson. The 'Powell out now' crowd have become more confident and vociferous, but different tactics or different combinations of players won't work if, collectively, the team is not up to Championship standard.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed how patient the crowd have been with the Board. Time to change that now.
I'm sorry to say SCP looks like a scapegoat and will go if we lose on Tursday to Forest.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%, this Board came in with lots of hope and lots of talk, initially spent good money getting team into Championship and staying there last year and clocked up nearly £20mn of new debt doing it.
But suddenly lost their appetite, realised they have no fixed assets as owned by Banks and previous Directors and that move to Peninsular is pipe dream.
So we now are back to £30 million of debt same position as when Murray owned club on his own, one division higher and financially screwed, and what has never been explained is why they have given up investing beyond annual losses,after all their early promises to take club to Premiership, why did they stop? why all Debt and no equity? Board needs to explain.
Where is Richard Murray in all of this ,he is very quiet,he has loans and investment in the secured and unsecured camps,is he hedging his bets and waiting for them to cave in and then he steps in with a new backer? wouldn't be the first time.

Wyn Grant said...

What Richard Murray's stance is on all this is a very interesting question. When you ask those 'in the know' even they seem to be uncertain, although he certainly comes to games regularly whereas the attendance of other board members is reportedly more sporadic. It should be borne in mind that he has substantial outstanding loans to the club.