Monday, 2 September 2013

Agreement reached at employment tribunal

Having learnt from the Court Listing Service that the case of Mr R J Everitt (claimant) and Charlton Athletic Football Club Limited (respondent) was to be held at London South Employment Tribunal in Croydon today, I travelled there. Everitt was formerly head of club development, and before that communications manager, before his dismissal last summer.

The journey involved passing Selhurst Park and getting a view of what Rick Everitt has described 'as the contraption that passes for a main stand at Selhurst.' There is also a notice at Selhurst Station informing unwary travellers that they have come to 'the home of Crystal Palace Football Club' representing '100 years of pride and passion.'

Police were very much in evidence on the stations and even on the train itself. I was prepared for a shock when I stepped out of West Croydon Station, but even so it was worse than I had expected. Suspicious characters lurking round the station; police out in numbers; pawnbrokers' shops and money exchanges.

Martin Prothero was in attendance, while Charlton were represented by Mr Kaspar Glynn QC. Both of these gentlemen were trailing large cases, presumably containing documents relevant to the case. Everitt (50), who has a Ramsgate address, was wearing a blue suit.

The Wharf and The News Shopper were represented. Richard Redden, the author of a well-known and lavishly illustrated history of Charlton, was in attendance, as was one other fan.

Mr Glynn advised the judge that Everitt had agreed to withdraw the claim on the basis of a confidential agreement. Everitt confirmed that this was the case.

Asked by this blog for a statement after proceedings had finished, Everitt said, 'I have absolutely nothing to say other that I'm pleased it's over.'

Of two other similar matters, one is believed to have been resolved by agreement, and the other is expected to be listed in March.


Stevie said...

So the Club settled out of court so they could hide the full facts of the case...

As long as AirmanBrown is happy, that's all that really matters.

I'm sure the other cases will also be settled. Our board really doesn't want the fans to know what the hell is going on inside the Club.

You can bet that there is also a gagging order on Mr. Everitt.

Wyn Grant said...

The terms of the agreement are confidential and I am certainly not privy to them. In such cases, however, it is not unusual for the responding party to require that commercially confidential matters are not revealed. Leaving the particular case aside, I think that better engagement between the board and fans, which would require greater transparency about objectives and means of achieving them, would be a win-win.

Stevie said...

Well said, though I doubt there will be any transparency with this current lot in charge. Everything about them is is a mystery, including who the owners really are.