Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Could T. Watt join us?

20-year old Celtic striker Tony Watt has joined the mother ship on a five year contract: Watt Conceivably, he might be sent on a pod to us at some point. Watt, by the way, is an Orkney name, as exemplified by the village of Twatt. I had a friend at school by the name of T. Watt.

Some Addicks still think that our main problem is up front. One experienced observer has commented, 'I think the main issue last season was the team's lack of decent strikers, Kermorgant apart. Reza, Parzyszek, Church, Pigott, Tudgay, Obika and - with the exception of a couple of games - Sordell, contributed very little over the campaign. Church, whose attitude I admire, is still here, as is Pigott. The latter is a young player who may improve, Church I don't think is getting any better. Parzysek is out on loan.'

'So now we have Vetokele (no experience in England), Tucudean (ditto) to go with Church, Pigott and maybe Reza - although he was intended to be in Saudi Arabia by now and personally I hope he goes there soon. I would say there is some hope for Vetokele, based on his career, although it does rather smell of a roundabout route to Standard Liege given that they wanted to sign him.'

'I am no judge of a player and don't pretend to be, but based only and unfairly on one evening at Ebbsfleet, don't hold your breath over Tucudean. If we are starting the season with Pigott up front, then bearing in mind he couldn't get past the massed ranks of mediocrity last season I would indeed question whether we are better off.'

'There will of course be people who think Pigott should play and maybe they know best. I do, however, remember that they also wanted him to start at Bournemouth a year ago, and that when he did start against Millwall he was completely out of his depth.'


Ken Jennings said...

One 'Experienced observer' doth not a Summer make.

Brian G said...

Anything is possible, I suppose. We were very weak upfront after Kermagant left because he was such a powerful presence anywhere on the pitch. Indeed, at one time last season I compared him to Eddie Firmani. However, from what I've seen so far this season, we will be stronger in the centre upfront and I think that Vetokele and Tucudean will prove a handful for opposing defences, but I have tipped us for promotion. Anything is possible, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

i think they want Watt, i saw in a report they wanted to register him for there CL games. but if he doesnt work out he will be on his way here.

It would be nice to find our Mendonca/Hunt but those guys are hard to find and even harder at a decent price.

if we could keep our side fit then we would have a decent looking side but the one thing missing is goals we seem to have signed strikers that would work best next to a guy with a bit of pace (who can finish.)

Blucher said...

It is very important to get another striker in, as we are looking a little threadbare in that department. We are bound to suffer some injuries over the course of the season and it looks like Reza will be moving on. Tucudean is an unknown quantity at our level and the other forwards are either proven failures or not yet ready. Where we would be, for example, if Vetokele picked up a knock over the next few weeks ?

It is rumoured that we are in the market for another forward. I hope that we can get someone in and that they have Championship experience.

Anonymous said...

easy 3 points then!

Trevor Rogers said...

Is there a supporter in the football league who doesn't think there team needs t buy a striker!
Hopefully Piggot will be better with another years experience.