Friday, 4 July 2014

Possible investor?

An advert for a business development manager at The Valley is not that exciting an event even if 'you are so target driven you are thinking of applying for the archery team at the 2016 Olympics.' Incidentally, there is a helpful map of the location of the club: Development manager

However, the ad has been posted by Delaware North who are an interesting company ('a global leader in hospitality management') and one wonders if they might extend their involvement to some investment in the club. Delaware North is Jeremy Jacobs company. It is based in Buffalo, New York. Jacobs also owns the Boston Bruins hockey club and the TD Garden in Boston.

A business development manager would have a good understanding of the potential at the club.

One wonders if this might be a position that would suit Jonathan Acworth who has been looking for a suitable opening for some time.


Anonymous said...

I dont think JA would have the time as I believe he is still trying to get his Burger stand off the ground, but apparently is having trouble to source quality onions! :-)

Anonymous said...

Weren't these the guys linked with our takeover before Duchatelet?
Pretty sure it was the well documented move that fell through just before the Belgian invasion.

jonathan acworth said...


Anonymous said...

Delaware have taken over the catering at Charlton .