Tuesday 18 November 2014

Fewer shots but more goals

Charlton Athletic and Leeds have had the least shots in the Championship, yet have each scored eight more goals than Sheffield Wednesday. The Addicks have the lowest number of shots on goal of any team in the division. Despite having just 172 shots compared to Norwich City's 289, Charlton have managed to score 20 goals.

For Sheffield Wednesday the opposite applies. The Owls have managed 221 shots in total, 49 more than Charlton - and scored eight less goals.

According to the South London Press, Lawrie Wilson may be the next player to go out on loan.


Anonymous said...

Silence is not golden. Are you OK, Wyn?

Wyn Grant said...

Bereavement unfortunately, but I will be back.

Brian G said...

Very sorry to hear your news. My condolences to you all.

Unknown said...

sorry here about yr bereavement wyn anyway back to millwall who was the idiot who threw a 2p coin from the north upper>>?nearly missed terry naylors son by an inch