Thursday, 27 November 2014

Keeper brought in on loan

Oldham goalkeeper and Philippines international Neil Etheridge has been brought in on loan until 30 December with Stephen Henderson out with a shoulder injury. He had a short loan spell with Charlton before.

Nick Pope is, however, expected to face the Tractor hordes on Saturday: Nick Pope

Pope comes from a family of Ipswich fans: Ipswich Town


Anonymous said...

Big Bobs taking care of business and I like his comments on a striker in the Shopper. Safe hands!

Anonymous said...

I think BIg Bob has got it right, how many times in the past, from nearly all our previous managers, have we got loan players in out of desperation, only to find out they are complete rubbish and a drain on our resources!
For the first time I can remember we are actually trying to look at quality rather than just quantity!

Anonymous said...

I agree, even the few past loan strikers that didn't just fire blanks and who scored a few goals were not really very consistent. B. Peeters reassurance sounded to me like an appeal for supporter patience. Bob's right about the quality, but does it exist and are the rest of his staff up to finding it, within CAFC's budget. Only time will tell. It would be a dream to see a return to an really effective long term striking partnership like A. Hunt and C. Mendonca and it was a pity we never saw them play together in the Premiership. Igor as Mendonca and ? as A. Hunt, now that would be worth waiting for.

jonathan acworth said...

this is same keeper who played 3 games for us?unless henderson injured still?