Wednesday 17 June 2015

Farewell, then, Christophe Lepoint

The official site has reported that Christophe Lepoint has been sold to the Belgian side SV Zulte Waregem for an undisclosed fee. It is unlikely to be large.

Lepoint was not up to Championship standard and the news of his departure has been received calmly with no reports of fans rending their shirts or vowing to return their season tickets when they arrive.

Of course, the question that arises is why he was signed in the first place. On Twitter, Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt has described it 'as a laughable signing from start to finish.'

Some would see it as evidence as systemic failings on the part of the current regime. However, even the Murray/Curbishley regime made some poor signings, although admittedly things have been more hit and miss under Roland.

Elsewhere, it is being rumoured that Nick Pope may move permanently to Bury.

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Unknown said...

above re pope not joining bury but an unnamed prem league club for 750k with a loan back option back to bury what i heard"