Saturday, 20 June 2015

Joe Gomez completes move

Joe Gomez has completed his move to Liverpool, signing a five year deal: Joe Gomez

The fee has not been disclosed, but is believed to be £3.5m initially. It is believed that there is a percentage share of any sell on.

There have been various suggestions from reasonably reliable sources that the eventual fee will be around £6m or £7m, but I haven't been able to get an exact figure or find out how it might be constructed, e.g., if it is dependent on appearances, Liverpool are cautious about using young players. Liverpool fans think he will have his work cut out in breaking through to the first team: The challenge ahead

In any event, I wish him well. If a top club comes in, one can't deny a young player the chance to get ahead.


Martin Cowan said...

Very disappointing.

Martin Cowan said...

"To get ahead". Wyn, I think you are thinking that young Joe is going to get some games at Anfield. If this goes like Poyet and so many of the others, he'll be lucky to be on the bench. Really, a loan back to Derby, even if you are notionally a Liverpool player - is this really any better than being a Charlton regular?

Wyn Grant said...

He won't get any games in the coming season, he will probably be loaned out, perhaps to Derby. But in the longer run there is the chance of Premiership games which he has not much chance of getting at Charlton.

jonathan acworth said...

rumours on life that we r to sign pugh and kermagant

jonathan acworth said...

reading deeper into the yann situation the clubs board have admitted selling yann was a big mistake ,the bloke has a flat in the greenwich area so i can see this deal happening as bmouth are going sign gayle from palarse so i cant see yann featuring that often so i think we could make a move as early as next week