Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Standard Liege sold

Roland Duchatelet has sold Standard Liege to the club's vice-president Bruno Venanzi who is also the owner of Lampiris, an energy supply company based on green tariffs: Sale

83 per cent of Standard supporters who have voted so far in an online poll have welcomed the news: Au revoir

Roland Duchatelet reaffirmed his interest in football according to Belgian outlet L'Avernir who quoted him saying: 'I will stay in football. But not Belgian football.'

The most optimistic reading of this would be that he could see the financial potential in enabling Charlton to become a Premiership side.


AlanFromParis said...

Hi. I'm listening to Standard Liege's press conference on their WEB site. I have an excellant command of the French language..
Roland spoke about good health .. He says he has another 350 weeks of being on form. Not sure what that might mean. 7 more years at CAFC????


jonathan acworth said...

african kola karim one of africas wealthiest men rumoured to be worth 200 million has been sniffing around charlton with a view to moving the club to the peninsula archietecs around the greenwich area are designing a new stadium for charlton to move into

oligab said...

In 7 years he will be 75 and I am sure in that time will wish to see CAFC established securely in the premier league !!!

We are now top dog in the RD menagerie of football clubs

Jacco Kikkert said...

Jacco From Haarlem/Holland

Duchatelet says that many people are counting the weeks till they are 75.
He says that he have 350 weeks till he is 75 years old and he want to spent those weeks in good health.

But nothing about Charlton so far.

His marriage with Liège was a bad marriage.

Malcolm said...

Most of Rolands Idea's for the network was the impending rules on FFP, now since in the process of being watered down by both the Football League, and more recently UAFA, could this be the reason that Roland has decided to sell?, court suspends FFP