Monday, 13 July 2015

More signings needed

More signings are needed before the start of the season says Addicks coach Damien Matthew. A bit of a statement of the obvious really, but good to hear from it inside the club: Squad too thin

Optimists are keeping their spirits up by saying that perhaps Roland will strengthen in January when he sees what our needs are then, given that we started with a small squad last season.

Richard Cawley of the South London Press has recently tweeted that Charlton are closing in on a signing, he is likely to be in Belgium with them.

It is increasingly looking as if we are going to lose Fredéric Bulot. Indeed, Richard Cawley has tweeted that the deal is dead and he will be joining Reims. The move has now been announced: Au revoir. A loss in my view and a shame that Roland couldn't have got this sorted before selling the mother ship.

Apparently, SL's new owner is not happy with the way the Watt deal worked out and lack of money received by them caused a few problems.

It appears that we agreed a deal with Bayern Munich for Bastian Schweinsteiger 15 years ago, but the player eventually decided not to come: Lost signing



bit worried really.squad is a bit thin at the moment.cant wait for the start of the my tickets for hammers vist today .come on you reds

jonathan acworth said...

what i here lua lua is possibly close to joining on a 1 year deal possibly next week.Sorry been away last few weeks i have got a lot on my plate at the moment ive had the biggest shock of my life to date that catherine howard is my 18th cousen which makes me directly linked to elizabeth 1st and henry 8th.My dad basically is the highest family member outside the royal tudor court which means we could possibly carry on the tudor line to our present time what i have links me to henry and owen tudor plus william of orange so at mo im trying put it through the correct channells this will become very big once we get the ok from certain people so im warning u lot now! its taken me 3 days to get used to the idea!my dads original family came from the lancaster family who designed the tudor rose !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wyn Grant said...

Warning heeded! All I can say is that it's a right royal mess. But Charlton had better start building that royal box.

jonathan acworth said...

ok who knew about my connections?

Martin Cowan said...

I think you told before, didn't you??

jonathan acworth said...

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