Monday, 20 July 2015

Offer for Lenglet?

French sources are claiming that Charlton have made an offer for AS Nancy central defender Clément Lenglet: Lenglet offer

Difficult to know what to make of this one, although we do favour French-speaking players. The 20-year old is 6ft. 2 ins. and said to be a real presence on the field.

Earlier in the year he was linked with a move to Juventus and at that time a detailed profile of him as a player was published: Lenglet profile



sounds good

coveredendchoir said...

Not sure why every time there is a player linked there is a hint of sarcasm on here.

coveredendchoir said...

It's disappointing that every time a player is linked there is a hint of sarcasm on here. Ok he speaks French so what, as long as he can do what we are bringing him here to do I don't see a problem. You didn't see or hear Arsenal fans complaining about their French speaking players when they won the Premiership and were unbeaten throughout the season in the process.

Wyn Grant said...

The Arsenal ones are somewhat higher quality! Some people think that players from the French leagues take time to adjust to the Championship, although I think that is exaggerated.