Saturday, 11 July 2015

Why do Brazilians hate Ramsgate?

Brazilian group Urso Polar [Polar Bear] has released a song It's Official, I Hate Ramsgate.

We have a big Brazilian community in Leamington, but when I sipped my Brazilian coffee this morning, no explanation was forthcoming.

The Times puts its down to a broken love affair, referring to lyrics that talk of 'The Atlantic Ocean between you and me' and 'You're so unkind.'

An alternative explanation is that the group are Millwall supporters and recognise Ramsgate as a centre of Addicktion. For example, it is the home of the Voice of the Valley editorial offices.

Derek from Dymchurch commented, 'While I'm pleased it's not our part of the coast that's been insulted, it's a right liberty, but our UKIP councillors who are in charge in Thanet now will sort them out.'

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Crowborough Addick said...

Having gone to school in Ramsgate with several Brazilians, I can confirm they do not hate Ramsgate or anywhere on the Isle of Thanet. I on the other hand became rather institutionalized by spending my who school life in the hands of very strict Benedictine monks.