Saturday, 2 July 2016

Facing up to reality

The other day my non-league club contacted me and asked me where my programme copy was for next Saturday's match. The season is creeping up on us and it is time to face up to the reality of being in League One.

Accordingly, I need to start moving back to Addick's Third Division Diary. From next Monday I will publish stories both on this site and the third division diary for a couple of weeks, then just use the third division diary.

When we went down last time, I kept using the Championship diary for a season on the grounds that it was a temporary change, but this simply brought bad luck.

I am old enough to remember the Third Division North and South when only one team from each league was promoted. Mind you, teams like Crystal Palace and QPR were kept in their proper place.

You can find the Third Division diary here: Third Division

I realise that the links need updating, which I will do, but things are a bit busy at the moment as I have taken on two part-time jobs in London.

Last but not least, Da iawn Cymru.


Jonathan Acworth said...

I totally blame fox and Henderson for our relegation and not forgetting ba and the strikers up front who couldn't hit a banjo

Martin Cowan said...

I think you'll find Meire and Duchatelet were totally to blame for the relegation.