Friday, 1 July 2016

Slade in poetic mode

I took a couple of days off to visit friends in Devon, but had not foreseen the political turmoil that was going to break out. Hence, I spent much of my time doing live interviews for French radio, talking to American journalists and answering questions from Chile.

Having arrived back, I find that Russell Slade has done his first 'big interview' with Richard Cawley of the SLP: The big interview

Slade has been compiling a conduct book for players which includes his favourite poem. It is not clear whether Katrien Meire's conduct will be regulated. Perhaps she requires her own personal conduct book.

He is clearly a details man, with changes planned for the dining area at Sparrows Lane. However, he does also promise an 'exciting' style of play and wants to revive the enthusiasm of the team. Reviving the enthusiasm of supporters may be a harder task while Belgian rule continues.


John West said...

Yes well put and no one can forgive the Owner and sidekick for ruining our club.
He and she simply have to go. Simple as and CARD have assured us the battle continues. GET OUT WE INTENSELY DISLIKE YOU.

Si Jones said...

Starting to be impressed with our new Gaffer,maybe at last our temporary ceo and owner have realised it's better to stay out of matters that they know nothing about.Leave him to manage the team. Come on Wales v Belgium it might be cheap, but the fact that it is Belgium would make it even better.

steve white said...

3-1 to the Brits. The Belgian individuals have again been nailed to the mast !!
And that's how it's likely to continue :)