Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Interest in Gudmundsson

Not surprisingly, there has been interest in Johann Berg Gudmundsson since his return from international duty. Norwich City are among those interested and a price of around £3m is expected: Man in demand

Many Addicks are quite critical of Gudmundsson and his performances this year have been rather sulky and inconsistent. But then one can understand when one looks at coaches like Karel Fraeye and some of the dross in the rest of the squad.


Jonathan Acworth said...

Glad hes going save 20k a week on wages did hardly do anything from jan to be honest I had a long chat with Russell on Monday what a nice bloke

Wyn Grant said...

Good to hear that Slade has met Acworth.

Wyn Grant said...

Acworth has subsequently said that Slade was impressed with his knowledge of players and might offer him a position.