Friday, 7 February 2020

An 'Al Hayba' moment may not suit Charlton

Charlton should be cautious of revived plans for the Championship to break away from the EFL and become a Premier League 2, even if it is being hailed as an 'Al Hayba' moment (after the Lebanese TV series). The focus is definitely on the so-called 'big' clubs like Forest and we could well find ourselves outside a slimmed down Championship with no prospect of returning.

The argument runs: 'If only English football’s power brokers are brave enough, a similarly transformative “Al Hayba” moment could see a rebranded Championship establish itself on an infinitely bigger stage than its current, largely parochial platform. This seems a perfect time for the second tier’s anyone-can-beat-anyone human drama to be properly appreciated, at home and abroad.'

Murray Mints always argued that the Championship was headed in the direction of becoming a Premier League 2 and in a sense he was right. Clubs are willing to splash the cash and evade the financial fair play rules in a desperate attempt to reach the promised land of the Premier League. I think that in many ways the Championship is a more interesting competition than the top flight.

Some may consider that the Championship needs a 'road to Damascus' conversion, but I think it comes straight from the Daft Ideas Department. Read more about here, but don't expect any references to unfashionable Charlton: Rebranding the Championship

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