Friday, 7 February 2020

Big exodus of players threatened in summer

Ten players are out of contract in the summer and six loan players will be leaving, although there is more than one of them most fans would like to retain. Sombre supremo Lee Bowyer is keen to get contract talks started, but it is far from straightforward: Need to start offering contract extensions

Richard Cawley of the SLP added to his report in a tweet: 'Been way too much short-term planning at Charlton. See so many clubs tie down key personnel to longer deals. Mentioned in the piece but Phillips and Lockyer a couple that also need extensions.'

I was talking to an Addick who has lived in the Gulf earlier this week and he emphasised how hierarchical their societies are in terms of what are essentially tribal loyalties. As a Syrian, His Excellency has a low status in his own right and is reliant on the backing of the ruling family.

I am not suggesting that he does not have that backing, but I am pointing out that these are not societies that score high on transparency, nor would their traditional values require them to do so. I find them difficult places to understand through a western lens.

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