Thursday, 27 February 2020

Bowyer gets his excuses in early

Lee Bowyer saying that Huddersfield Town should not be among the Championship strugglers sounds a bit like getting you excuses in early, although I can accept that Karlan Grant is talented and will want to score against us: Bowyer passes judgment on Huddersfield Town

I think the tactics against Sheffield Wednesday were a mistake, but every manager makes mistakes, even Sir Alex Ferguson did. Curbs made systematic mistakes, in particular his reluctance to make substitutions early enough, but he still did a very good job for us overall.

Bowyer is still on a learning curve, but there is no available replacement. If he went, presumably Johnnie Jackson would be in temporary charge, but arguably he is as much part of any problem as any solution.

I think it is best to stick with a manager rather have frequent changes, although it is rather ironic that Blackpool have been after the services of 'Gobby'.

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