Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Charlton's Polo takeover

Charlton's takeover is like the Polo sweet with a hole in the middle where the money should be. The club risks going the way of Bury: Tahnoon Nimer taking Charlton the Bury way

The article notes: 'Only after Dale got his mitts on Bury did the EFL address funding, and it is the same here. When Roland Duchatelet relinquished control of Charlton, the EFL stood idle. Only once the equally dubious Nimer took charge did it become an EFL matter. Too late. At the point of change of control is too late. Within 10 working days of the takeover is too late.'

'In advance, is when Nimer should have proved he could buy Charlton, before he was given the opportunity to harm a damaged club yet further. No deal should have been passed until that point.'

Johnnie Jackson was featured on Radio 5 this morning singing his pandemic adaptation of 'That's Entertainment' by The Jam. Can strum a guitar, but not too sure about his singing voice. His song has now gone viral and suggestions have been made about Charlton related songs: Lockdown inspired song goes viral

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