Monday, 6 April 2020

Other clubs that I quite like

Whilst in lockdown and deprived of football I have been having various random reflections. I was thinking the other day about teams I quite like. It doesn't mean I don't want Charlton to beat them when we play them, but I am quite well disposed to them.

Top of the list comes Brighton and Hove Albion. Their rivalry with Palace qualifies them, but they also have links with the West Sussex branch of CASC of which I am a member. Indeed, after a Charlton victory at Huddersfield one Christmas I went with Brian Cole to see them play at Rotherham.

Going along the south coast, Southampton have to get a mention. My son-in-law is a season ticket holder as are two other good friends.

Carrying on along the south coast, I always look for the results of Exeter where I once lived. Torquay United have to battle against the indifference of an incoming retired population. I admire the dedication of Plymouth Argyle's Green Army with their long trips to away games.

Elsewhere in London I quite like Brentford who seem to be a similar club to Charlton. A good friend is a season ticket holder.

I find it difficult to identify a club in the Midlands as it is too close to home, but if pressed I would say Leicester City where I went to uni.

Heading further north, Tranmere Rovers are a friendly club embedded in their community. Burnley is a traditional club that punches above its weight. A good friend is a supporter and I went there to watch a game against Hull for his 60th birthday.

Last but not least, there is a special link between Charlton and Sunderland and I am looking forward to watching the Netflix series 'Sunderland till I die.'

What would be your nominations?

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