Sunday 8 November 2009

Jerome Thomas: what was wrong at Charlton

Sulky or silky? Jerome Thomas has no doubts about his contribution at Charlton as he told 4-4-2 magazine: 'I played in 22 consecutive games [in the Premiership], proving beyond doubt that I could play at that level, and scored and set up a numer of goals. I remember a screamer against Spurs.'

'To think where the club is now is crazy,' Thomas commented. 'But I did sense a lack of ambition and when you're in the comfort zone it can become a dangerous place. There didn't appear to be that desire among the players to push on for Europe or strive to break into international football, and the lack of competition for places acclerated the malaise. With Curbs leaving and a host of managers following, it was a recipe for disaster.'


Bob Miller said...

Thomas was a key contributor to the "malaise" of which he speaks.

Slow Learner said...

Didn't think he was bright enough to have 'malaise' in his vocabulary - maybe his agent wrote this for him.