Friday 19 August 2011

Charlton report Pardew to Premier League

Charlton have reported Newcastle manager Alan Pardew to the Premier League after he broke a confidentiality agreement in relation to a bid for Rob Elliot.

Newcastle made a derisory £100,000 for the keeper on Wednesday which was immediately rejected.

It is unlikely that we will get any joy from the Premier League, but it is worth making the point.


Kim Lewis said...

Should do wonders for Elliot's confidence!

Whilst I'm not a great fan of our keeper, this sort of joke from Pardew doesn't help.

I hate Pardew and all he stands for

Steve said...

I actually think that £100,000 is a decent offer for a League 2 'keeper, in the last year of his contract, who doesn't have the best fitness record. However, that's not the point here. But, another thing to consider, wasn't Tony Jimenez at one time on the Newcastle Board? There may be some politics here that we're not aware of...

Scoops said...

I think £100,000 is a bit of an insult of an offer for a decent LEAGUE 1 keeper. Well under the odds, Pardew must have known it would be rejected hands down. AND despite the point that Elliot is pliong his trade in the third tier, surely if Newcastle wanted him then he must be in their opinion of sufficient standard that he could deputise if called upon in the Premiership?