Sunday 7 August 2011

Clubs compete for Reid

Kyel Reid could make an early return to The Valley if Scunthorpe succeed in their attempt to secure his services. However, the free agent has impressed at his trial with Barnsley so he is likely to settle for whoever can offer him the best package.

Both clubs are clearly impressed by pace and not too worried about the quality of the final ball.

On another subject altogether, today is the birthday of Charlton legend Eddie Firmani. He will be 88 and celebrating in Naples, Florida.


Anonymous said...

congratulations to eddie firmani. he was one of our most successful and influential players and later manager. a good career played with style and representing his country memories of the old valley


Many Happy Returns Eddie - thank you for wonderful times both as a player and as a manager. The 1968-69 season still ranks as my most exciting season (3rd in Division 2 after several years of just escaping the drop to Division 3), when you were manager.

buster2003 said...

I stayed just south of Naples for two weeks last year, if only I was aware one of my boyhood idols lived so close, I watched in awe Eddie score my "Goal to Remember" at the uncovered end, my father always said that his brother Peter was a better player but it will always be Eddie for me. Many Happy Returns Eddie!!!

Wyn Grant said...

Peter Firmani played 31 matches for us against 165 for Eddie who was also a manager. Jimmy Trotter could never decide where to play him, even making him goalkeeper for two games!

arti said...

i think you will find eddie is actually 78, my all time favourite
charlton player