Friday 15 July 2016

It's not so grim 'oop north

With the president of the NFU at the Great Yorkshire Show

Having spent a day this week at the Great Yorkshire Show, I can verify that. More to the point, the latest Swiss Ramble blog takes an in depth look at Huddersfield Town which in normal circumstances we might think of as a comparator. All the tables and graphs include data on Charlton: Huddersfield Town

Of course, their chairman has pumped in £45m, admittedly to no great effect.


Anonymous said...

"... admittedly to no great effect."
And which division are they in, pray tell? And Charlton?

Wyn Grant said...

Fair enough, but with that expenditure, one might hope to see Huddersfield further up the division. Nothing against Huddersfield, a good friend is a season ticket holder.

Andy said...

Being in a better position than Charlton is no great shakes. We are currently the worst run club in all four leagues.