Tuesday 19 July 2016

Who is Charlton's new assistant manager?

Jonathan Acworth has had two phone calls with Russell Slade recently and has been hopeful of moving either into the dugout or replacing Katrien Meire as chief executive. Have Acworth's dreams come true? Read about the identity of the new assistant manager at Addick's Third Division Diary: Acworth overlooked shock

The club's article also reveals that Plymouth is now part of Cornwall which will be a real shock to Devonians. I suspect that the longer term plan is to make it part of Belgium.

You can also read about the return of Tony Watt to his native heath with the Jam Tarts.



I m ok thanks wyn lol got other problems to sort out trying get my dad a title which lawyer looking into now so keep u updated when we get some news letters aparantly going out next week so the lawyer is saying so we are hopeful getting things sorted down my end £400 just sitting in house of lords wouldn't mind that for a couple of days....


the phone calls was a very nice surprise he such a nice bloke very friendly and listened to what I had to say he was in job about a two weeks and he took time to call me ok ive met chris powell and had letter exchanges with curbishley but slade comes across someone who I think will get us promoated to the prem we have now got do it our way kick out all the deadwood dross at the club which includes Henderson and pope get in decent keepers someone like moore who we have bid for at Cardiff and fon Williams also a decent keeper.
I'm glad also the high earners in cousins £18,000 a week and gudmundson £21,000 a week are off our wage bill this has freed up coffers for us to go get some quality players who either being freed by current clubs or who are on the bench at championship clubs.We need get others off the wage bill people like Kashi whos never fit,Taxiera who wants out ,watt whos gone as predicted and Ba,we need to bring the best from league two at every club and this is what slade has to start doing fast.Charlton I think could do extremely well in this division we have some quality youngsters in Hanlon and Konsa plus a few others blend them in with new signings we will have a very good chance of returning to the championship,i just hope that rd sells up before Christmas to beckham lot and we be even in a better position than we are in now.Ive also noticed hated owner Karl Oyston has sold blackpool last night for 10m so their is hope for us!