Thursday 27 February 2020

Super Hoops rack up big losses for what?

We will be playing the Super Hoops shortly and it is instructive to look at their latest accounts. QPR's owners have 'invested' £287m over the years and the return this season is likely to be a mid-table position in the Championship: Super Hoops

Financial fair play penalties have cost them little more than £1m a season as they were able to suggest to the EFL that if matters got into the courts they would very likely find FFP to be a breach of both domestic and European competition law. In a market economy you can't stop the owner of the company investing as much as they like in it provided there is no risk of insolvency.

It has been suggested that ESI limited spending in the January transfer window because they didn't want to be paying big wages in League One. The lack of availability of quality players at a reasonable price may have been a bigger factor. However, it does strike me that ESI are prudent businessmen which, of course, may not be what fans want.

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