Tuesday 2 June 2020

Charlton: football disaster specialists

This is the headline on the lead story on Off the Pitch this morning, an expensive electronic newsletter widely read by football's mover and shakers.  One can hardly criticise the headline or the contents.  The concern is the amount of reputational damage the club is experiencing under its current and recent owners.

Mark Bisson writes, 'With Charlton Athletic seemingly on the verge of yet another change of ownership, a few eyebrows might be raised looking at the persons involved when East Street Investments took over six months ago.

A number of the persons involved in the takeover were also connected to other clubs who found themselves with big problems.

The emergence of at least one of the people involved was a “huge red flag” according to a Charlton observer who has been monitoring developments for many years.'

 Off the Pitch believes that a sale has taken place, but has no supporting detail or evidence.

Bisson adds, 'One of the subplots of the Charlton Athletic affair under the ownership of Tahnoon Nimer is the-emergence of a number of individuals linked with previous failed or failing clubs. There is no suggestion of wrongdoing by any of these individuals in relation to Charlton, but eyebrows will surely be raised by supporters of clubs that they have previously been associated with.'

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