Monday 8 June 2020

Charlton in mortal peril

'Relegation would put Charlton in mortal peril' reports the Sub-Standard.  I guess we knew that anyway without the golden guidance of George Osborne, but it's a good summary of the club's plight:

One thing I did learn was that the Portuguese consortium has put in two bids, although it is not clear why the first one was unacceptable.  

I - and I think many other fans - would prefer the Barclay/Varney deal, but it faces a number of obstacles. 
As one source commented, 'The Barclay deal would be very good and I think fans will be very pleased with it if it comes to fruition. The difficulty is that ESI reached a ridiculous deal with RD, probably because they had no intention of following it through, and of course he will want to stick to it.'

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