Friday 24 December 2021

Charlton run the rule over 12,000 players

Ged Roddy is no longer a full-time employee at Charlton and is operating on a consultancy basis.  Thomas Sandgaard said, 'We are still trying to figure out his specific tasks.'  (Suggestions welcome)  Johnnie Jackson said: 'I wish him all the best into whatever he goes into':

Thomas's son Martin may have other duties added to his director of analysis task, but at the moment he and his small team are busy assessing 12.000 players.

Thomas Sandgaard has confirmed that Johnnie Jackson's automatic contract renewals are tied to final league position.  He says that it is 'fairly generous' in Jackson's favour, 'but I don't want to be stuck with it long term if it turns out long term that wasn't right:

Sandgaard praised Jackson's performance as caretaker, particularly his decisive substitutions, and says that he decided that he wanted him to carry on in the role a month before it was formalised, but the legal details took more time than they should have done.

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