Sunday 12 December 2021

Midfield may be overloaded says Sandgaard

Thomas Sandgaard gave these quotes to Richard Cawley a month ago about the January transfer window but they are nevertheless interesting.   He says that the size of the squad is about right.  Trying to improve the quality of the midfield in the summer, which we did, may now mean that it is overloaded:

The plan is to bring in young up-and-coming players who can be developed, plus perhaps one or at most two loan players.   Lyle Taylor anyone?  Not for me.  This also implies that a new striker will not be signed, but it is difficult to get value in January.  I would be interested in Colby Bishop from Accrington in the summer.

The big question is who will be the manager advising on the signings, I would have thought we would have a decision by now.   Sandgaard was right to be initially cautious because of the new manager bounce phenomenon, but Jackson has now proved himself to players and fans.

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