Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Quiet times

Hamburg Airport: Not much Charlton news as far as I can see other than that Wigan central defender Fitz Hall turned down the chance to join the Addicks on loan. Perhaps Marcus Bright put him off.

Currently in Hamburg Airport on my way to York via Birmingham. A couple of hard days of work in Germany, admittedly in a super business club/hotel. It was good to speak some German again.

25 years ago I had a spell of living and working in Berlin, then divided by the wall. Nice to be told that my German is still good and I don`t speak with an English accent - but surprisingly not a Berlin one, but one typical of a small town somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin.

On Sunday I go to Valencia, back to Greenwich for one night on Wednesday, then on to Brussels, so don´t expect updates unless I have downtime at an airport.

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