Sunday, 30 September 2007

A sense of disappointment?

If the Addicks had won at Coventry, they would have gone top of the Championship. Typical of the press coverage is:
Sunday Times

Predictably the Baggies have flattened the Super Hoops 5-1 and have gone ahead of us. West Brom are the classic yo-yo team and a real threat to us this season.

Comments from fans have focused on the denied penalty. Whilst I am not of the 'penalties don't count' school, and this one was at a key stage of the match, it is not good relying on penalties to win us matches. Referees often fail to get these decisions right: indeed Coventry had a good penalty claim denied.

I thought that there were two general faults in our play yesterday: the forwards often looked too isolated (although I would have brought on Todorov rather than McLeod); and our central defence looked suspect at crucial moments.

We need to get three points at Hull. There are a number of these northern away matches midweek which makes it very difficult for anyone working to attend unless they take a day off (which is often impossible anyway). I shall therefore miss Preston away as well, although I have hopes of getting to Burnley in March with one of their supporters.

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