Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Referee gave in to Addicks pressure

Hull manager Phil Brown has claimed that the referee was swayed by pressure from Charlton players at last night's clash. Following an eighteen man brawl, he was going to send off Lloyd Sam but only book Hull charm merchant Iain Ashbee. However, Charlton players then intervened to tell the referee what to do. Reading this shocking story of big club dominance here:

Both clubs may face a FA investigation after the ruckus in which Danny Mills tried to act as peacemaker.

Charlton's unfair victory at Hull follows the failure of Coventry to defeat a poorer side on Saturday. Sometimes I wonder what these provincial dailies are on. At least the reports in the Greenwich Mercury can be critical of poor performances by the Addicks.

Maggie listened with amusement to two Coventry fans on the bus yesterday complaining that their players let them down by failing to beat a poor side like Charlton.

It's a crying shame.

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Hilltothevalley said...

Having recorded and re watched the Sam incident I can only say that the ref got it totally wrong, Ashby kicked Sam twice on the ground and deserved a red card, whilst Sam seems to have done a little bit of wrestling and really deserved no more than a yellow. its amazing how the Hull fans are bleating on their own message board about charlton cheating.