Saturday, 18 September 2010

All square at Prenton Park.

There are five changes in the Charlton side at a wet Prenton Park this afternoon. Ross Worner starts in place of the injured Rob Elliot with loan signing Luke Daniels on the bench. Criticisms that McCormack and Semedo are too similar are answered by replacing McCormack with Racon. Abbott, who apparently has a groin injury, loses his place up front in favour of Anyinsah. Fry is replaced by Llera and Reid gives way to Wagstaff.

Like other Charlton fans, I had a difficult journey up here on the motorway, reports Paul May. Martin played a decent ball into the far post, but two approaching players were unable to connect. It was a positive start for the Addicks.

Jackson put in a good defensive header. Jackson's excellent free kick was whipped in, leaving the home defence, especially the keeper, at sixes and sevens and Wagstaff smashed the ball home to put Charlton ahead after seven minutes.

Benson approached well, but Anyinsah put the ball wide on the slippery surface. Charlton mounted a good attack, but it ended with a shot from Racon which went over. Racon put in a very poor back pass and led to a Tranmere attack with a shot going over the bar.

There was a shout for handball against Llera but it was ball to hand. Semedo put in a strong challenge and the referee had a word. A shot went in from Tranmere which was not too far wide.

Lee Martin put in a great effort which was only just wide. Tranmere won the first corner of the game. Charlton were able to clear from Cresswell's corner. Blanchard put in a good cross, but Worner dealt with it well under some pressure.

Doherty dealt intelligently with a Tranmere attack. Tranmere were given a free kick about 20 yards from goal. The free kick was well taken, but Doherty defended well. Anyinsah was held when he was goal side of the defender, but it was ignored by the officials.

Tranmere continued their physical tactics. This time a free kick was awarded, but it was unproductive. Martin put in a shot which led to a corner which was unproductive. Francis appeared to receive an elbow from Showunmi, but the referee saw nothing.

Francis gave a bit of afters to Showunmi and was booked. The free kick was cleared. A shot from Racon was blocked by the keeper's feet. Semedo was shown a yellow card for a tackle. A shot came in, but somehow Charlton managed to clear.

Tranmere won a corner after a move that started with a foul on Semedo which was ignored by the referee. The corner ended in a goal kick for the Addicks. A nasty challenge was put in on Wagstaff and then on Racon, but no yellow cards were awarded.

Tranmere made a substitution after a hamstring injury to Morrow, Jennings coming on. Charlton mounted a good final attack. Lee Martin put in a strong challenge as Tranmere counter attacked, but he did get the ball. The free kick was charged down by Martin.

Half time: Tranmere 0, Addicks 1

The second half started with another strong challenge on Semedo, but no foul was awarded. Martin put in some good play but Wagstaff's effort went over. Anyinsah seemed to be in some trouble and Sodje prepared to come on, but Anyinsah signalled he would try and run it off.

Llera defended well, but had to concede a corner. Creswell's corner came in, it was initially saved on the line, but Showunmi stabbed the ball in to make it 1-1. Llera probably should have reacted more quickly.

Wagstaff advanced well and won a corner. The corner by Francis was a decent one and should have led to a second, but a goal kick was baffingly awarded. Jennings advanced and won a corner. Jackson cleared with a good defensive header.

The Tranmere players tried to get Francis sent off after he tried to stand his ground. The referee confined himself to a word. The ball went just wide from the free kick. Welsh went rolling around and Racon was booked. Tranmere appealed for a dubious corner and it was given. Francis headed the ball out.

A shot from Wagstaff led to a corner. Anyinsah was withdrawn and Sodje came on after 63 minutes. Jennings put in a good strike but Worner saved well at the expense of a corner. A bad challenge was made by Mendy on Francis. Semedo got a talking to for his protests.

Tranmere were awarded a free kick for a shirt tug but it was unproductive. Lee Martin was taken off and replaced by Reid while Jackson was replaced by Fry. Benson put in an effort that was just wide.

Llera caught Showunmi with a necessary foul and received a yellow card. Charlton put six men into the wall and Semedo took the shot full in the face and had to go off.

Tranmere won a dubious corner. Blanchard's header was wide of the target. Three minutes were added on. Welsh put in a shot which was not far over as it dipped. A shot from Reid was deflected and led to a Charlton corner which was unproductive. Charlton should have been given another corner, the ball was over the line.

The home side put Charlton under a lot of pressure in the second half and gave us little scope to play. It wasn't helped by some poor refereeing.

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