Thursday, 23 September 2010

Preview problems

Boston, Ma.: I never find doing previews that easy and sometimes I think I should just leave it to the likes of Charlton Athletic Online, Iberian Valley etc. who say it all really and with great eloquence and panache - in so far as that is possible when talking about Charlton.

Being in a different time zone, a different country and with other things to focus on only makes it more difficult. Plus the upscale hotel I am staying in had great difficulties in getting me connected to the internet, the efforts of Carlos and his amigo notwithstanding.

Once I was connected, I followed my usual routine of seeing what the local paper had to say about the visiting side. However, although the Barking Post [sic] had a lot to say about the upsurge of burglaries in Dagenham or a story about a gentleman from Keir Hardie Way who took the dog out and came home to find it occupied by squatters, there was little that was useful or up to date about the Daggers.

Whether our strikers aren't up to it or they are getting poor service from the midfield or probably both is an interesting debate, but one I don't have much to add to.

I will be en route to Gilmanton, NH, the home of the author of Peyton Place on Saturday morning when the match is being played in the UK. The one definite thing I can say is that I think we will win, but by no more than one goal. I will go for 2-1.

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