Sunday, 12 September 2010

One is enough

When I eventually got hold of the result at my brother-in-law's wedding yesterday, I though that's ok: three points and a clean sheet. Admittedly, Charlton are only in 9th place, but they are just two points off leaders Peterborough.

Then I thought, I am sure people will find plenty to complain about. They did, and on this occasion they may have had some justification. It was clearly a very tight game with 50-50 possession and Charlton had only four shots on target to nine by the Magpies.

It's clear that the Addicks weren't very good in the first half. Whether the appearance of Racon after the break made the difference is a matter for debate. I am not his greatest admirer, but perhaps he did make the difference. Certainly the gap between the midfield and the forwards appears to have been a problem.

Elliot would seem to deserve the Silver Bone, making a number of great saves and denying Lee Hughes from the penalty spot. Doherty appears to have led the line well at the back. It was substitute Joe Anyinsah who scored the winning goal on 85 minutes in his first appearance at The Valley.

I'm happy to take the three points.


Anonymous said...

Have to beg to differ on Doherty, he was caught out for the hughes chance and didn't focus the defence well - too many backpasses, long balls and the fullbacks not pushing up. Remarkably reminiscent of the worse games in the last 2 or 3 years, a focus on 'possession' that leads to a 50 yard hoof, and loss of possession.
Dailly or Fortune sorely needed I think.

WattO said...

What utter tosh. Doherty played well in the centre as did his partner. Our mid field was ineffective in the first half. County played some good football and were well organized, rather like Oldham. That revolting little scumbag Hughes missed a couple of sitters though, which was very gratifying - I thought at once stage there is a god after all.

We had two or three good moves, which hopefully we can build on. Francis gave the ball away too many times. On a positive note though Akpo actually stood up, and laid the ball off a couple of times. Martin and Reed are great footballers, we need to get closer to them. Benson looked like an expensive mistake,let's hope he improves. Elliot was back to his best.

Finkle said...

It almost seems like we're playing with two target men, both of whom can't hold up the ball. Lucky we've got Martin and Reid to create something.

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is if we had scored late at Exeter and won we would be a point clear at the top.How scary is that with this team?

Anonymous said...

The first half was absolutely pathetic. Our first shot at 42 mins. As for possession, that was all between the keeper and back line. Out midfield was abysmal.
As for Benson he looked shell shocked and Abbott was very poor.
Why can't our players actually mark at throw-ins? They should of been at least two clear by half time. Luckily Hughes was awful.

Its going to be a loooong season. I seriously pray for Richard Murray to find a serious Investor soonest.