Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Au revoir to points against Bolton

I think that the Blackheath Addick has done an excellent review of the relegation 'threat': Relegation? The only downside is that his charming partner Suzanne is coming from France for the Bolton match so we can say 'au revoir' to any points from that game, although I already had it down as a loss on CAFC Picks. My forecast for the season was 57 points and that is still readily achievable which would see us safe in a lower mid-table position which is what I always expected given the quality of the squad and the funds available to some other clubs.

I will do some analysis of my own later in the week, but for now need to earn some more money to pay for the season ticket renewal. Not unreasonably, the Italians want some work completed well before the end of Holy Week.


Blackheath Addicted said...

Well Wynn, she arrives tonight. I won't explain to her the notion of a Jonah unless the unthinkable happens on Saturday.

Lars said...

I will bring the secret weapon. This will be my 5:th game for the last 2 seasons and Charlton have won the previous 4 I've visited.

I will go to Brighton as well so watch out for 6 unexpected points!

Btw Wyn, I still owe you 2 pints for the material you sent me many years ago. But you have never been present at RoD when I've been there. I will be there after the game on Saturday.