Friday, 15 March 2013

New pope suffers for football

Pope Francis receives a San Lorenzo banner

Charlton fans are dealing with their disappointment that Rick Everitt did not become Pope Lennie the First. They had been hoping for a papal blessing before tomorrow's game against the Satanic forces of Millwall. The word from within the conclave is that had Charlton been in the Premiership, the Rickster might have stood a better chance.

The Pope's team, San Lorenzo, are in the Argentinian Premier Division, although currently they are 12th. The Pope has a membership card and fellow fan Oscar Lucchini who presented him with it said, 'He lives in a permanent state of suffering for San Lorenzo.' Anyone who watches the Addicks at home know how he feels.

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sm said...

Given that we were 8th in the Premier League pushing for a place in Europe when the previous Pope was elected and all that we suffered during his reign - the new one can only be an improvement.

I just hope he wasn't a fan of Rattin otherwise he might well favour Millwall.