Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Valley Talk

I have just added a link to the relatively new Valley Talk blog which looks like being an excellent addition to the range of Charlton blogs. Direct link here: Valley Talk. It's interesting to see how new blogs are often using Wordpress or existing ones changing to them.

I should also have mentioned the blog from the 'Albury Addick', subtitled 'the grumpy ramblings of a Saga lout.' It has a nice personal style to it. It appears that the writer is one of those fortunate seniors who has managed to avoid the modern requirement to go on working beyond the state pension age and who can afford the time to take holidays (it's some years now since I have had one). I met some Saga Louts in Malta once and they also seemed to be called Reg. Anyway here it is: Albury Addick


Blogs come and go and some well-known bloggers have been posting less often. I am aware that my links need sorting out as some of the blogs are defunct (or never really got off the ground). However, at the moment I am very busy with Leamington's promotion push. I write an article for each programme and also act as secretary to the Vice-Presidents club which means that I need to be on duty in the vice-presidents' lounge if there isn't a clash with a Charlton game. It is rather nice to have a cup of tea indoors at half time with a television to watch.

Currently eight points clear in the Southern Premier with a game in hand, there is a real chance of winning the title. However, the FA insists that we increase our ground capacity to 3,000 (not that an attendance often goes into four figures in the Blue Square North) and also move our two stands close to each other with a connecting roof. We also have to have the capacity to segregate the fans in case two nutcases turn up from Workington, and we have to provide a treatment room for spectators should it kick off. All this is going to cost money (apx £50k) which we need to find.

If you are on the M40 tonight, why not take a short detour and see the Brakes take on the Eagles at the New Windmill Ground? The Brakes go marching on, which is more than can be said for Charlton at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I'm an avid reader of yours
How about a link to mine !


Wyn Grant said...

Apologies, will do in the next day or so, the whole list needs an overhaul.

Deepest Darkest said...

Good point Wyn. My list needs reinstating as well. A bit of housekeeping is in order!

Anonymous said...

Well done the Brakes. You may be surprised at some of the BSN attendances, although the Chester Ashes who have crowds in excess of 2,500 will be sorely missed (promoted to National Conf, possibly along with welling)Halifax and FC Scum attract large crowds.....Workington don't.