Thursday, 7 March 2013

Huddersfield confident of all three points

New Huddersfield Town manager Mark Robins is confident of building on Tuesday's defeat of Middlesbrough by taking three points off Charlton on Saturday. Both teams are on 44 points. He points out that Huddersfield have drawn with and beaten the Addicks this season, although the cup win was against a weakened Charlton side. However, he does admit that Town have a tendency to run out of steam after 75 minutes, although we are not known for late goals either: Huddersfield

I wouldn't read too much into the victory against Middlesbrough, even though it was the first time that Huddersfield came from behind to win this season. Boro have been faltering and Huddersfield seem to have been helped by the descent of a fortuitous blanket of fog in the closing minutes of the game. I think that we can win this match if we keep our wits about us and in particular avoid panic stations in the defence at corners.

Leading Huddersfield goal scorer James Vaughan will not be available due to a continuing suspension.


Graham Hudson said...

Yeah. It was the fog...and faltering Boro had just beaten faltering Cardiff

Anonymous said...

"Leading Huddersfield goal scorer James Baxter"...Mmm, very well researched.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious?? How was the fog any advantage to Huddersfield??

Wyn Grant said...

Not being serious, it was just a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Middlesborough scored & the away fans at the opposite end of the ground didn't have a clue until they noticed the players high fiveing each other coming back to half way line. The ref then brought out the orange ball because of this. Huddersfield were well worth the three points over the 90mins & both sets of players had to deal with the same conditions, including our shocking pitch (the worst I've seen at our stadium since it opened in 94.) so i don't really see any coincidence, let's not forget Huddersfield are unbeaten at home in the league since late December, so it was no fluke or influenced in any way by the weather.

Charlton are stronger away than at home but im predicting a close home win in this one as we seem to have turned the corner under Robins.

Adam. Huddersfield.

Jono said...

Sorry guys...Huddersfield Fan speaking.

(A respectful one though)

I personally can't wait for the Charlton game this weekend, I think it'll be one of our toughest challenges under Robins: one that could go either way. There's not a lot separating us in the table thus far, and a point apiece head-to-head.

The three points are anyone's until 90 minutes, i'm just (hopefully) going to enjoy watching

Wyn Grant said...

As far as the pitch is concerned, ours is also in awful condition and I can't remember it being so bad for a long time. As for the match, I think it will be close. Although it's a cop out, it could go one of three ways, but, if pressed, I would go for a draw. I don't think that either club is in any real danger of relegation.

Nick jenkinson said...

we were well worth the win on tuesday, we out played them most of the game, they scored completely against the run of play and we showed some reall balls ( orange ones ) to win. Think the game on saturday will be very very close but hopefully we continue this climb away from bottom 3. UTT ..