Tuesday 12 May 2015

Borussia Dortmund swoop for Gomez

Reports from various sources are suggesting that Borussia Dortmund intend to make a bid for Joe Gomez: Joe Gomez

However, it appears they are only prepared to offer £1m plus add ons which is nowhere near enough. Moreover, Gomez has been guaranteed a regular first team place if he stays at The Valley rather than at best bench warming duties if he goes elsewhere.


stu said...

The stats clearly show he is just not good enough for any of those clubs at the moment. While I understand they'd be buying him for the future, and aim to do so now to secure him early, I hope he'd be sent back on loan to us for at least a season.
Having said that, I'd like to see clubs like us install a kind of 'fee-for-the-future' type thing where we don't sell the player yet but rather sell the right for a club to buy in the future. The risk for the buying club is the same, the motivation is there for the player to develop because if he doesn't that dream move can be cancelled, and the selling club gets to hold on to their better younger players for a few more years.
I'm sure there's a reason why this isn't done already, but it seems a good idea to me in principle.

Anonymous said...

From Dortmund's perspective they see a guy who has only played 20 or so games in the second tier of English football, so are probably scratching their heads at some of the figures being banded around (£8m?!?) recently - I don't blame them.

I agree with Luzon's comments, Gomez is not yet good enough to play for any of these teams and so is best served having another year at CAFC and bcoming one of our key players next season.

boitom said...

must stay. a no brainier