Monday 18 May 2015

Where are they now?

As part of its feature on the Charlton team that won promotion in 1974-5, The Football League Paper looked at what has happened to them since then.

  • Bob Goldthorpe works for facilities companies Johnson Control at Canary Wharf.
  • Mike Flanagan became Gillingham manager, also coached Millwall's youth team and was assistant at Margate. Now runs a painting and decorating business.
  • John Dunn lives in Basildon and is a PE teacher at a sports college in Barking.
  • Paul Davies now lives in Hertfordshire and drives a black cab (there's invariably one in any survey of former footballers).
  • Bob Curtis after working in the building industry he had a long battle with motor neurone disease and died in March 2010.
  • Arthur Horsfield now retired and living in Gravesend, he became manager of the Parcel Force depot in Canterbury.
  • Colin Powell after managing Margate he returned to The Valley as groundsman, being let go as part of the clean out of the old guard in June 2014.
  • Ray Tumbridge worked in financial services until losing a long battle with cancer in June 2009, aged 54.
  • Peter Hunt is now based in Laindon and has worked in the motor trade for many years.
  • Eamon Dunphy works as a writer and broadcaster in his native Dublin.
  • David Young now runs the Medway Park leisure centre in Gillingham.
  • Andy Nelson manager of the Addicks until 1980, he later returned as commercial manager and now lives in Alicante, Spain.
  • Keith Peacock Charlton legend who managed Gillingham and Maidstone before returning to The Valley as No.2 to Curbs.
  • Phil Warman lives in Gravesend and after joining a security company worked for BMW in customer services.
  • Derek Hales after running a pub in his native village Lower Hailstow is now a PE teacher at the Howard School in Gillingham.
  • Richard Bowman the most locally based in Eltham, he was a restaurant proprietor but now owns a sandwich shop.
  • Les Berry ran the family wholesale electrical business in Greenwich before retiring.
  • Mike Frankin lives in Tiverton and has been a self-employed builder.
  • Graham Tutt settled in the United States and has been coach at the Pace Academy for 15 years.
  • Denny Jennings is now a successful businessman working in telecoms.
  • Alan Hart lives in Wickham Bishops and is a director of independent window specialists West Leigh. Also manages Heybridge Swift u16s.


Mike Woodhouse said...

Is my memory faulty, or should that have been Ray Tumbridge, with an "m"? Left back? My first season ticket was 74-75, I think. Promotion closely followed by O-levels.

Wyn Grant said...

You're right, I've corrected it.

Anonymous said...

Love these. Thanks for sharing Wyn

Martin Cowan said...

Seeing those players seems such a long time ago - hard to believe that some of them are still young enough to be working!

Great update, Wyn.

Phil said...

thanks for posting all this Wyn, we don't get the Football League paper in Scotland. Amazing how evocative that list of names is (I was 10, in my 2nd season at the Valley)... the agonies of that stumbling run-in... although, as is the way of these things, I don't remember any of the Charlton goals from the win against Preston to finally take us up. Instead my clearest memory is from late-ish in the 2nd half, it may have only been 2-1 still, when Preston put a ball down the channel, Bob Curtis suddenly isolated and under pressure at RB with 2 Preston players bearing down on him, and a tangible ripple of anxiety through the crowd. Bob sized up the situation, and calmly hoofed the ball clear over the low section of terracing next to the main stand, to (in my memory) the biggest cheer of the night. And I knew then that everything was going to be alright.