Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Charlton link with Ilombe Mboyo denied

Charlton are being linked with Gent and Belgium striker Ilombe Mboyo. West Ham were interested a couple of years ago until it emerged that he was convicted for rape as a teenager: Mboyo

The news has had a negative reaction from some Charlton fans on the boards and might not be acceptable to the majority of fans: What will fans say?

A petition has now been started against the signing: Petition . Rather oddly it seems to think Richard Murray is the chairman of Charlton Athletic.

However, the story has now been denied categorically by the club which says something about the reliability of stories in the Daily Mail.

Perhaps the one thing that can be said for him is that he wouldn't be as useless as his Gent compatriot Christophe 'What's the point?' Lepoint. And at least it suggests we are looking at potential strikers.


Anonymous said...

Rather oddly , I thought Richard Murray was the Chairman ??

oligab said...

This would be a toxic signing in the Uk, although Genk I think paid 3.5 million Euros him and he even had the captains armband on a couple of times. In the Uk he would always remain vermin by a very large vociferous percentage of the population.

Wyn Grant said...

I think you're right, he's just not a very prominent one.

Unknown said...

Radio London have stated that Charlton have categorically denied interest in signing this player. 1PM news bulletin

Unknown said...

rm has shares in the club and i think maybe still has an influence behind scenes somewhere