Monday 11 May 2015

Welcome back Super Hoops - or perhaps not

So QPR have returned to the Championship from whence they came. I have to say I find them one of the more irritating teams in London. First, their fans seem to have an exaggerated view of their own worth. This was exacerbated by Rodney Marsh slagging us off as we headed for our first promotion to the Premiership.

Second, as many have remarked on the boards, often more colourfully, their ground at Loft**** Road is a dump. It looks like a set of upturned shoe boxes or a Subbuteo ground scaled up. What is more, the stewarding is ultra strict.

The one QPR fan I know insists of calling us the 'Lactics'. I think it is more ignorance than a wind up.

Of course, they could face a huge fine for breaching football fair play regulations or even be expelled from the Football League. That, of course, could give Millwall a way to evade relegation. In any case, the lawyers will probably come up with a fudge on the fine: Will QPR be fined?


Unknown said...

Yes, shite ground, arrogant supporters. Whatever happens with FFP, they need to shed most of their squad due to age or high wage, parachute payments now only make a small dent, and they have a manager who's been a little out of his depth recently.... Bet they wished they'd taken Sherwood when they had the chance.

It's a season for rebuilding and I'd imagine if FFP can't impose the fine it wants it may be cash plus points deduction, so I'd imagine their priority will be not to get relegated again next year with a bunch of teenagers and journeymen.

Fernandes is certainly a different animal than Oysten and has the clubs interests at heart but will QPR be the new Blackpool at least on the pitch?

Unknown said...

I thourght the fine was to relegate them to the conference if they were to drop again or am i wrong on this?