Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bergdich surplus to requirements

It has been decided that Zakaraya Bergdich is surplus to requirements and will be available in the January transfer window. However, given his record at Charlton, it may be difficult to offload him: Bergdich


Jonathan Acworth said...

right move on the transfer list bloddy awful player never seemed interested when he played and always got a 4 out of 10 in the press get him and the other crap player fox off our wage bill in jan sooner both are gone the better lets use the incomming money wisely and sign lewington at mk dons or wilkinson at stoke

Robert Baughan said...

Fox is a potentially good player who is having a rough time of it. You shouldn't offload a player every time they lose form, you never build anything that way.

Jonathan Acworth said...

where in fox havent seen it this season and is costing us getting beat everytime i see him by an opposition player time to offload