Friday 18 December 2015

It's not a nightmeire

Sky Sports pundit Don Goodman has leapt to the defence of Charlton chief executive Katrien Meire after meeting her. He reckons she is doing the best she can for the club in difficult circumstances, although she is feeling the strain and the pain: In defence of Meuire


Unknown said...

don is a class a twat simple he probably either fancies her or trying get a free bee for one u dont insult yr own fans like she did thick or what?

aging covered ender said...

A complete non-story. Ex footballer employed as co-commentator on dull as ditchwater football in division other than Premier league listens to club owners spokeswoman-cum-fans-punchbag and says he believes all the positive spin she naturally spouts at him. Without the miraculous intervention of a new regime CAFC are doomed. Duchatelet has failed with his experiment. All now there is to look forward to is our beloved club sliding slowly down into the abyss. All those who continue to attend I salute you. A medal should be struck in your honour.

aging covered ender said...
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