Wednesday 23 December 2015

Meire Christmas!

Even at Christmas it's a tough life being an elf in Ramsgate and when the 'sub-zero contracts on offer' board went up outside 92 Valley Road elves and gnomes flocked in to produce the latest edition of Voice of the Valley. This allowed editor Rick Everitt time to take part in the annual Christmas concert commemorating the hero of Broadstairs, Ted Heath.

A spoof front cover on the VOTV website wishes readers a Meire Christmas and shows a disconsolate Big Dave Lockwood slumped in the stands wearing his Santa Claus outfit: Meire Christmas

The actual cover is a closely guarded secret, but despite denials that Airman Brown himself will be top of the tree, there is speculation that it will show the Rickster in defiant pose accompanied by the caption 'Yo! I is from Ramsgate.'

Gnomes and elves will be out selling the magazine before the Wolves game while Rick Everitt will don Dave Lockwood's Father Christmas outfit at his customary pitch opposite the club shop. It can already be ordered online.

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