Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Club meets police at New Scotland Yard

Following recent incidents at The Valley stemming from customer dissatisfaction, the club has met with the Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard and they have issued the following statement: Joint statement

CARD have characterised the statement as 'shabby and insulting': Fan reaction

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ExpatCyp said...

I remain fully supportive of The Police as they face very difficult and challenging task of maintaining law and order throughout the UK. All criminal acts need to be prosecuted or otherwise appropriately dealt with.
I am mystified as to why CAFC have chosen to issue a statement now which merely confirms what happens in practice on match days both inside and outside of the ground. Is there an underlying motive for this ?
1984 is long gone but Big Brother remains. Don't be surprised if RD attempts to rename the Club as Oceania FC ! They could still retain The Addicks as a nick name though !